If you are an attorney, then you could face the burden of handling pressing obligations even if your time is very limited. If you’re unable to go to court for your scheduled appearance, you will seriously damage your reputation. Failing to appear also means you will lose your client. But there are obligations that are more urgent than others. You may also have fewer mandatory tasks that you could get help with.  

Don’t worry as there is a per diem attorney who can save the day. They mostly work effectively in criminal, civil, and bankruptcy cases. These attorneys are also called court appearance or court presence attorneys. They work on-demand and can always step in and testify for you during a court hearing

How a Per Diem Attorney Help  

Per diem attorneys are helpful in case you’re out of time, and you can’t make it to a trial. You can have them deal with the case instead. That way, you’ll have more time to research and collect data, gather new evidence, and interview more witnesses. Doing these are more productive than being in court to do routine tasks. 

You could also have a courtroom task that requires less attention, like filing a request for continuation. In such cases, arriving in the court may seem an unfeasible thing to do. Hiring a per diem lawyer can save you so much time so you can concentrate on more mandatory work. 

Benefits of Hiring a Per Diem Attorney 

If you have a per diem attorney working for you, you don’t have to drive from one courthouse to another to spend money on parking or transportation. You can simply focus on the more important case and relieve yourself from the unnecessary cost of traveling. 

You also gain more leverage by concentrating on the cases that will generate more income for you. You’ll be able to take on cases that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Supposing you are handling a case, and you are offered an attractive job by a client. You know you are unable to deal with the new case. Through the assistance of per diem attorneys, you will be able to take up that new offer. The other lawyer can handle a good part of the other job instead. 

Do You Need a Per Diem Lawyer? 

It’s not unusual for lawyers to have tight schedules that they can’t do any kind of family bonding anymore. Your cases will often take away a lot of your time that you’ll suddenly realize you have missed something important. Hiring an attorney for court appearances will allow you to spend more time with those you love. Soon, you’ll realize that life isn’t all about your work. 

There’s a common misconception that finding qualified per diem attorneys is difficult. This is not true since you might meet many competent new lawyers willing to engage in the job. These newbies are keen to gain experiences to fuel their practice. You can always hire these eager lawyers and help them with their careers.